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The all encompassing Karate 5.0! 

A full mind, body and spirit experience,

come train with us, in-studio or online!

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A Class for Everybody

No matter your fitness level, experience or ability, you'll find the perfect class at Karate 5.0

Kids Classes (ages 3+)

From our fun introductory Little Warriors program to belt progressions, explore classes for beginners, novices and experienced juniors.

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Adult | Teen Classes (ages 13+)

Building your mental strength, physical confidence and emotional balance as you attain higher belts. It's a journey with many rewards.

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Third Age (ages 45+)

Continuing your personal journey while developing a more profound understanding of the mind, body & spirit connections.

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The Yellow Belt Online Course. Become your best self!


Join Renshi Ken Marchtaler as he prepares you for your yellow belt certification. Karate 5.0's online course for adults mixes self-practice using video modules with frequent live check-in and virtual mentoring. Questions? Please feel free to reach out to us - you'll be glad you did!


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Three of our popular studio developed signature courses:  

Little Warriors

A fun way to introduce kids to the basics of martial arts, the 30-minute classes are the perfect way to engage minds and bodies.

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Karate 5.0

With equal emphasis on mind, body and spirit, Karate 5.0 promotes focus and mindfulness while attaining new levels.

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Empowered for Women

Self-defense classes that will give you the physical tools and mental strength to be more confident in the world.

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What can you expect from a Karate 5.0 class?

Karate 5.0 believes in balance. Your body, your mind, and your spirit or emotional self. No matter which class you take, this philosophy is in everything we teach - and which you'll take into your daily life.

Strength & Flexibility

Enjoy real physical improvement & well-being through our stretching and training techniques.


No matter your age, experience growth and confidence as you progress towards your Black Belt.

Energy Regulation

Apply what you learn in class to the 8-Dimensional Path to a happier, healthier life overall.

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  • White Belt Intro Course
  • Yellow Belt Course
  • Black Degree in Karate 5.0 Program
  • Monthly scheduled virtual private lessons
  • Unlimited course access!
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Shannon Lee

(daughter of the late Bruce Lee)

"Thank you, Ken! I know my father would be thrilled to know he touched your life. Thank you for touching the lives of others through your support!"

Loch Roome

"I have found a greater awareness of my body and what it is capable of, my stress levels are greatly reduced, and I am taking a much more calm and measured approach to all situations in my life."

Rebekah Demiral

"As I continue my karate training in the Seattle area, where I now live, I will always remember the patience and shining example of Sensei Ken."

Check out Rebekah's book "Nothing's for Nothing"

Barry Risto

"I find the experience both humbling and rewarding on many different levels.  Physically, I have increased in strength , coordination, & flexibility.Thanks again for you and your team’s investment into my life!”

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