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About Karate 5.0

“Enrolling in Karate 5.0 is by far one of the deepest commitments you will ever make to yourself.” - Renshi Ken Marchtaler

What makes us different?

Designed by world-renowned martial arts instructor Ken Marchtaler, Karate 5.0™ is more than just a self-defense system.  It’s a way of life that honors the body, mind, and spirit connection.  We call it the Karate built for the challenges of today and consider Karate 5.0™ the all-encompassing practice. And it's available in-studio or online!

Karate 5.0™ Self-Defense Techniques

Karate 5.0™ Self-Defense techniques are based on the ancient practice of Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Karate incorporating traditional kata (forms), holds, locks, and pressure point manipulation.  Our practice is supplemented with Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu, Qigong, and reality-based self-defense strategies devised by Ken Marchtaler over the past 30 years.   Karate 5.0™ is not about fighting or sport, but rather about avoiding conflict or bringing it to an end as quickly as possible with minimal physical injury.

Karate 5.0 Lifestyle

Karate 5.0™ operates under the Designed to Live™ 8-Dimensional Path.  Using this as our guide, students learn to tie their practice to their everyday life where they constantly improve on their ethical, mental, physical, and overall being.  Karate 5.0™ also incorporates many of the health-related exercises you will find in Yoga and Qigong practice, including stretching, breathing, and energy regulation techniques.

Age-Specific Programs

Our Karate 5.0™ classes are aligned with strategies defined by Nike’s Designed to Move global health movement.  Subsequently, we address certain age requirements, skill levels, and physical limitations.

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Our Story

“Our goal is to make positive change in our world, one life at a time.”
- Ken Marchtaler, Founder, Studio Karate 5.0™

What began as a small martial arts studio in 2001, has evolved into a system that addresses personal growth, energy regulation, and optimal quality and quantity of life through the influence of Okinawa Karate, Yoga, Qigong and Mindfulness.

Founded by Ken Marchtaler, a global authority on the health benefits of martial arts,  Studio Karate 5.0™ Centres are community driven movement studios dedicated to nurturing the Mind Body connection and the overall wellbeing of our members and their families.

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