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Adult / Teen Karate 

Adult / Teen Classes

(ages 13+)

The Studio Karate 5.0 Black Belt designation is one of the most respected Black Belt degrees in Western Canada.  Studio Karate 5.0 students share a unique lineage to the origin of Karate through Grandmaster Minoru Nakazato and the Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan Karate-Do Kyokai and Okinawa Kobudo Kokusai Rengokai. Our style of Okinawa Karate places more emphasis on natural stances, posture, body shifting, hip rotation, and breathing.

We teach Karate techniques through age specific programs in conjunction with the Designed to Live  8-Dimensional Path incorporating a solid grounding in mind, body, spirit development.   Approaching instruction from this angle allows us to reach the specific needs of individual age groups.

Adult / Teen Karate Curriculum

Our style of Karate can be described as a complete martial art in that it teaches all levels of self-defense combined with personal & spiritual growth. At Studio Karate 5.0 students acquire their skills through the practice of:

Kihon - Individual training that helps to develop and coordinate spirit, technique and physical conditioning.

Kata - Individually performed sequences that combine movements such as blocking, punching and kicking.

Kumite - Two person exercises for practicing basic blocking, punching and kicking techniques, joint locks, takedowns and pressure point manipulation.

Bunkai - The advanced techniques that branch out from the foundation built through Kihon, Kata and Kumite.  This includes holds, locks, pressure point manipulation and counters.

At Studio Karate 5.0, Karate means more than just the practice of an ancient art.  For those who continue beyond Black Belt, it also becomes a way of understanding, experiencing and contributing to life.

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