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Black Belt Degree in Karate 5.0

We've Made Learning Karate Easier!

"A Black Belt is just a White Belt that never quit"

Whether you are training in-studio or in some far-a-way place, getting your Black Belt Degree in Karate 5.0 has never been easier.

Our self-directed Black Degree in Karate 5.0, is comprised of 14 courses (we call Belts) that be completed over a 4 year period, or longer if you choose, through our extensive online program.  Courses include a combination of videos, written material and virtual private lessons.

Track your progress belt-to-belt as you make your way from a novice White Belt, to eventually master the techniques that will earn you your Karate 5.0 Black Belt.  

Watch for the up and coming release of our online Black Degree in Karate 5.0.  Release date September 1, 2022.

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Take a Look Inside the Box!

The following is a brief description of the normal journey to Black Belt.  

Consideration may be given for those who are already ranked in another style of Karate. 


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