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EMPOWERED for Women Self-Defense

Hundreds of Women Have Been Empowered Through This Course!


In today’s world, you never know when you will need self-defense skills to protect yourself or even someone you love.  And it is now possible to acquire these skills online!

EMPOWERED for Women™ is a safe, simple and effective method of self-protection that really works. Our unique course content teaches the steps that can be applied to help prevent conflicts and physical altercations from happening in the first place. Some of the topics covered during the course include:

  • Basic Awareness and Prevention Skills
  • Stopping Threats Using Clear, Verbal Communication
  • Physical Contact Responses that Really Work

EMPOWERED for Women™, utilizes the adrenal stress response (ARS), endorsed by many police and rape crisis agencies as one of the most effective self-protection responses available. Past program participants say that the course helped give them the boost they needed to attain goals, be more assertive at work and to stand up for themselves if needed. You’ll be surprised at how confident and secure you’ll feel after taking part in just one session. Best of all, no previous experience is necessary.

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What Past Participants are Saying


“I was very impressed with Ken's mindful step by step approach to handling threat or conflict. The presentation was very well tailored to our/my very basic needs and we all came away with a set of great basic self defence skills (even me). Ken is brilliant and we had fun!” – Participant 

“I really appreciated everything about this class, a mindful approach and an emphasis on trusting our intuition. I was also thinking about it from a response-based approach with victims of violence, and how there is always resistance to violence, even if it's hidden. This class has increased skills at resisting violence. Thanks everybody for such a great class, and to Ken for his teaching” – Participant 

"The Empowered for Women™ Course has made me more confident about myself. Now I feel I could do something very easily if something ever happened to me. The things you learn in this course are very easy to learn and don’t take very long to learn but they are very effective and will work if need be.” – Participant 

"The Empowered for Woman™ Course was invaluable in showing me how to quickly exit a confrontation before it becomes physically dangerous, as well as how to effectively protect myself in the unlikely case that it does. I learned how to use strong points on the body (like the heal of my hand), and perhaps the greatest part was that everything we learned, we practiced in mock situations. I still don't like walking alone at night, but at least now I don't feel helpless about it, I know that I can protect myself.” - Participant